Windows store app “MeteorLine” 0.2.0 Released

We released MeteorLine 0.2.0 (Windows store app) on 4 January 2013. From this version, this app can be used in English. Please visit following page to download this app:


Currently, this app is a simple Twitter client. With this app, you can read your home timeline on Twitter, post a tweet to Twitter, and favorite or retweet a tweet on Twitter. You can add multiple accounts to the app.


App Settings

Your favorite image is able to set as background image of the app. Click “App settings” in settings charm to open window of app settings. The way to open settings charm is detailed in following:

Not English?

This app supports Japanese and English, and the default language is Japanese. Therefore, if your preferred language or display languages match neither English and Japanese, Japanese resources are used.

If you'd like to use in English, you should change your language preferences. See following page:

Future version

We are going to add functionality shown below at later version.

When you have trouble with this app

Please mention to @nobuoka, or email me (Email address is displayed in the page of Windows Store).