Firefox extension “AppLauncher” 0.9.0beta1 Released

We released AppLauncher 0.9.0beta1 on 10 February 2013. This is a beta version.

What is AppLauncher?

This is a Firefox extension. Using this extension, you are able to launch an application through the context menu of your Firefox. For example, you can:

  • launch Internet Explorer with a web page which you are reading,
  • launch a image processing software with a URL of right-clicked image file,
  • and so on.

How to install AppLauncher 0.9.0beta1

You can install it from a version history page. Note that this is a beta version.

New features

These new features are mainly for Firefox Portable users.

Support relative file path

If an input path starts with “.”, AppLauncher treats it as a relative file path. Note that it is relative to the working directory of Firefox. For instance, in case that you launch Firefox by clicking a file icon of Firefox.exe, the working directory is the directory which contain Firefox.exe file.


Add new option “Open in Firefox

If you want to open a HTML file on the Firefox window by AppLauncher, please input the path of the HTML file into the “path” field, and check off the box of “Open in the Firefox”.

Feed back us

This is a beta version, so it may have some troubles. If you find problems, please feed back us by sending comment on this article or by sending email us.